May 7, 2012

Dear Little Man,

This Saturday will be the last day you spend with our family, I knew this day would come, it always does, but my heart aches at the thought.  You have grown so much within the past eleven months, you entered our house hardly a toddler, not walking and only saying a few select words.  Now you are almost two, running around and talking in full sentences!

I'm going to miss you Little Man, more then you will ever know, already I can feel my heart breaking.  I'll miss your toothy grin.  I'll miss hearing your belly laugh ring throughout the house.  I'll miss the tender, slobbery kisses you give and the way you say "I love you".  I'll miss hearing your quick pitter patter of feet.  I'll miss seeing your face light up when you see me first thing in the morning.  And I'll miss having you snuggle/hug my leg while I do the dishes.  

You are embarking on a new chapter of life,  within the span of almost two years you have encountered many hardships.  I pray you will never experience anything like that for the rest of your life.  I pray you experience childhood to the fullest of the full.  I pray your new family will guide you up to be a honorable Man of character.  And I pray that someday, you will come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Your sweet kisses and toothy grins will stop, but my prayers will continue.

Love you "baby blue" to the moon and back.

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Anonymous said...

Very Sweet! How amazing to hear what you have learned in the experience too. It is a kind of loving that I cannot imagine myself doing...the kind your family has given...fully, without holding back, all the while knowing you would have to let go forever someday. I am in awe at that, and have witnessed the blessing he has had being in your home!

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