January 20, 2012

better me update


Remember this past October, when I publicly committed to working out?  I made it blog knowledge and signed up for a 5k just to keep myself from not backing down.  Guess what???  I didn't back down, I've stuck with it!!

You know how it goes, you think, man I'm not liking the image in the mirror I've got to change that.  Next day you're working out like no tomorrow, a few weeks later you forget the whole working out thing even happened.  I've been there many times before, but not this time I've actually stuck with it, 471 miles to be exact!  Yeah it feels good.  

There hasn't been a major scale change, but there have been other changes.  My jeans fit better, a few weeks ago I slipped into some older pants and they fit, they were short, that's how long I haven't been able to wear them!  AND my belt has gone in two notches, not gonna lie I was happy dancing.

Even if I wasn't seeing the little changes, I would still keep working out.  There is just something about sweating and working hard that makes the day better.  I've noticed if I don't bike in the morning the rest of the day I'm in a fog.  But when I do bike I've got an extra spring in my step the whole day.


Valerie said...

471 miles in just a few months?! Get it, girl! Way to stick with it!

Liv said...

Yay Hannah!! I love it when you can notice a difference in your clothes!

Hey. I love your blog. So I nominated you for a "liebster award". (Liebster=favorite) You can read more about it on my blog :)

Hannah Kay said...

Thank you Valerie, I'm a little surprised at myself for sticking with it, but very glad I did :)

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