January 31, 2012

You heard the crickets?

I know I did...

Obsessing over... the chinese take out we will be having tonight!  {side story} When I was little we used to live within five miles of the best chinese ever.  Since we've moved (ten years ago) we have yet to find anything remotely as good.
Working on... catching as much sun I can today.  {side story} This past weekend we got 3 inches of snow and today it's in the mind 50s!!  I was one happy girl walking out of class today, I actually enjoyed my walk to the car.

Thinking about... how important friends are. {side story} Today I got a sweet text from an amazing friend, and saw another friend on campus who I haven't seen for two years.  I'm reminded yet again how important the little things are when it comes to friendship.

Anticipating... summer adventures!  {side story}I offered my summer up to God, willing to do whatever He wanted.  I thought God was calling me to a mission trip in Uganda..  But not this year, instead He's got something bigger and better in store.

Listening to I've found quite a few new songs I'm loving thanks to Pandora.  Best place ever, trust me.

Eating, I had a peanut butter sandwich with honey for lunch I'm broke and don't have any money. {side story}  Ever since I can remember I have hated pb & j with a vengeance, and within the past two weeks I've had a peanut butter sandwich four times!!  Still not my favorite lunch choice, but it's better then dishing out five bucks for a greasy something.

Wishing, the warm weather would stay around and spring would come!

Here's proof that I'm not lying, January, in Michigan and 55 degrees... an abnormality for sure.

Inspiration from The Paper Mama

1 comment:

Liv said...

Haha! I love the proof of the weather!

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