February 2, 2012

Awkward Awesome Thursday!

Texting someone and realizing you sent your text to the wrong person, an explanation and major back peddling shortly took place.

How do you tell a guy you don't want to give him your number?  Even if it is for studying,  I have been taught that giving an guy your number, if you're not comfortable with the through of them having your number, even if it's just for study purposes DON'T DO IT!!  I also might have some stranger danger paranoia.

Waking up forty-five minutes late...  I was wide awake once I realized just how little time I had to get to class. Sweat shirt and messy bun kind of day.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, that right there is reason in and of it's self to celebrate!

I saw that side long glance you gave me, cute comp Boy, just say that word and we can skip class and head to Starbucks.

Putting money in the bank, no matter the amount, it always feels good!

The new Hunger Games trailer is out!!!  I can now bypass the super bowl all together because we all know seeing this new trailer was the only reason behind me watching.

Thanks to Sydney for the post idea


The Life of Susan said...

ahhhhh thank you for posting the trailer. seriously march 23rd cannot come SOON enough! lol

Hannah Kay said...

You're welcome :) I think I've watched this new trailer maybe ten times already... I am SO excited for March 23rd!! Eeek!

Rachel Hope said...

I cannot wait for the Hunger games!!!

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