October 6, 2011

dear 6th grade self..

Paisley peasant tops will be out of style faster then you can throw those shirts away.
Please stop shadowing others, instead take the chance and stand on your own.
Your teeth are straight by the time you're 14; don't let those girls comments go to heart, your smile is uniquely you.
Treasure the daily moment of home school it may seem like forever but soon it will be part of your past.
Those boys are jerks, don't let them scare you for life, guys are nice.  fyi, you were way out of their league, you just didn't realize it.

These next few years will be amazing, they will help shape you into who God made you to be.  Enjoy every minute and store away the little treasures.


Looking back I wish I could shake my younger self...  If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say??


Liv said...

I'm glad you turned out so awesome.

Anonymous said...

you are incredible Hannah!! Your wisdom and insights are beyond your years. I love you.

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