October 5, 2011

1st pair of Toms

I love getting packages in the mail, there is just something about snail mail that you can't replace.
Today I received my first pair of Toms!

I had heard about Toms before, you buy a pair of shoes and a child in third world
country receives a pair because of you.  I was skeptical, but while I was in Haiti I saw many little children wearing Toms, children who other wise would have been barefoot.  Knowing that when I bought a pair of Toms I'm saving a child from foot sours and infection, nothing can get better then that! 

check out my pin hole lens!  I've had it for a while but this was the 1st I've actually used it!

When ever I get new shoes I love wondering where they will take me. What new journeys will I experience while wearing these shoes, call me crazy but I get excited when I think of it!

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