August 6, 2011

new motto and free download

Because I'm staying local and attending a local community college,  I'm challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and build new friendships.  Many of my friends will be leaving before the month is through to set up their dorms and get ready for their first year of college.  Yes I'm staying home and attending local community college, I'm looking to engage in life with people who share my same values and beliefs.

My big question is how do I do it, how do I find new friendships with people who are like minded??  Yes I will seek out new situation to engage with like minded people.  But, something my wise, mom told me really struck a cord.  God has placed the current friends that I have in my life for a reason.  I should seek out opportunities to further the friendship and engage in life together, invest purposefully in relationships that God has already made available.

Live life on purpose is my new motto and goal in this new season of life.
Welcome month of August, the month of new motto and new opportunities.

I recently was checking one of my top favorite blogs and my heart did a little happy dance.  There was my new little motto just waiting to hang on my cork board!

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