July 31, 2011

My new man

This girl is the proud new owner of a Mac!  I've grown up in the PC world and was ready to try Apple!  It has yet to disappoint.

  This is the lovely display of packages that greeted me after work one day!  (My happy dance was in fully swing!)

My new man, Mac.  Our relationship has taken off surprisingly well, he has great communication skills.  Something you need in your man.

This weekend there was plenty of this, spending time with the guys.  Arnold Palmer and trusty Mac, they have both stolen my heart

As evidence by the photo below I also have learned how to use photo booth :)

Tomorrow it's back to work for me (along with just about every other American.)  Mondays are field trips for us and we will be camping out at the beach all humid day long.  I can assure you I will be spending my day in the water with the kiddos and layers of sunscreen on my nose!

On another note have you noticed something?  I have a lovely new button which I'm quite proud of, and I'm almost to 20 followers!! 20!!!  Yes it's only 20, but it's quite big for this little blog!!!

1 comment:

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

LOL.. 2 of my FAVORITE things...Macs and Arnold Palmers! Had one last night :) and as far as followers..i was going thru my blog roll and changing things up- you are my favorite "random" blogger. Most of the blogs i read are on homeschooling or special needs...i love to come to yours for a smile :)

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