August 21, 2011

be still my beating heart

I'm falling for this little guy, I can already feel my heart breaking.  There wasn't any really connection between us before, but that has all been changed.  Before vacation I had work and school consuming my time and energy.  When I would arrive home I was taped of all possible energy and I'd wake up the following day and do it all again.  With vacation 
i was able to actually engage with Little Man more, more then I ever was able to before.    

The sweet little guy who blows kisses, who says boo with his hands over his eyes, who has captured my heart.  I now pray extra hard for him and his future.  I don't know where it will be, but I pray that love and Christ are at the center of his home.

1 comment:

Alaina said...

Praying with you!

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