June 24, 2011


Next week starts Summer day camp!  This will be my second year as a counselor, last year I was a little more reserved, and drawn into my shell.  This year I'm different, I'm more confident and out going. 

Last year when I saw the names of my girls I panicked.  'Would they like me?  Would I be the cool counselor? Would they come back week after week?' these questions and more were swimming inside.  I wanted and needed them to approve me. This time around when I got my list, instead of panic there was excitement!  My mind was and still is, buzzing with different  games activities we can do together.  I'm not as worried about if they approve me.  All I want to do is make it a summer day camp they will not soon forget!

Today while I was sorting out name tags for Monday's madness, my heart did a little happy dance whenever I'd find a new girl for my group.  Their names are just names now, but in a few days those sweet names will carry a face too!

Each of these girls will have a different personality, some will be leaders, some will be helps, while others prefer to stand aside and watch.  Each of them will be so different and I'm excited to learn the unique qualities of each and every one of them. 

So if you don't see me around this spot you'll know why, I'll be getting to know sweet faces that belong to the sweet names I already know.

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