May 9, 2014

Dear Hannah...

Today marks the start of an exciting adventure year.
Right now you're feeling overwhelmed, so many new things are on the horizon.

These coming months will be some of the best months of your life so far, hard to imagine I know.  Let me show you a glimpse into this coming year and you'll see what I mean.

Where do I even start?  How about this summer.

Your second year at Springhill, it's going to be such a crazy summer and this is only the beginning!  Right now, if you knew everything that was about to go down…  Ha.. You would say I'm lying and laugh in my face, even though I am you and this stuff is real soooo I'm not lying. Trust me.

Buckle your seat belt babe.

Remember who you are, your words hold so much power, don't be afraid to speak up.  Don't allow those nagging whispers to creep into your head and more importantly don't believe them!  Remember how valuable you are, a precious flower in His eyes.

There are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed, before Chicago, during plunge, after you're asked to join TST for the week.  Remember to breath, God has this all under control.  Releasing control and fully trusting Him can seem so scary but He can handle everything so much better than you can.

Another thing… Don't under estimate what can happen in twelve weeks, you will be surprised.  Some amazing relationships will come from this summer, treasure the time right now when you are together.  You will look back on fondness to the many nights of stargazing on the skate ramp and the raw conversations shared.

Also, those (quite a few) after camp texts from a certain someone… yeah your gut is right, he likes you.      In the coming months you will learn more about this crazy (in a good way) guy, you'll learn more him and his amazing heart for God and others.

Now, comes the fun part… YWAM

It all right now seem so intimidating, big and unknown, but stop worrying.  STOP.  These five months, you will look back on with wonder and awe; your view of God is going to explode; you will continue to grow into yourself and make friendships that you will treasure.

Hold onto the days, don't count them away but instead soak up every single second.  Sometimes you will wish for home and the comforts that come with it, realize the crazy opportunity you have right now.  Some day (very soon), you will dream about being back with your YWAM family.  Take captive these moments Hannah.

God has great plans for you and Him, God's going to reveal Himself in so many new ways!  Your heart is going to start beating for other nations, at times it seems daunting not knowing where you will end up.  But that's part of the exciting mystery of this new season of life, anything is possible with God!

India comes next,

Girlie, this is where you will get wrecked for life.  Don't fight it but embrace it.  Go through every moment in constant communication with Him, He is the only one who truly knows what your heart is going through.  Walk out in the boldness that you already have, most of the times you underestimate who you are.  STOP.  STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Everyone has different strengths and just because your strengths don't look like everyone else's doesn't mean yours are any less important to the team.  Walk out FULLY in who God has created you to be.  Satan loves hearing those thoughts of doubt bouncing around in your heart, turn them over to your First Love.  Let Him speak into your soul showing you who you truly are,  you are not these stupid lies you have been believing.

Don't be afraid to be 150% present, it's intense and can feel heavy, too hard to handle and causes your heart strife.  Feel anyway, pour out love when you can't give anymore, that's one of the beautiful things about fully loving.  Don't hold anything of yourself back, you are here for a reason, the people you encounter are the exact people who need what you have to offer in that moment.

Your heart will never be the same after these eight amazing weeks.  God knows what He's doing when you feel like you're breaking.  Right when you feel like you can't continue, He fill you up with love.  His love, love so raw and pure it meets them right where they are, doing nothing to earn the purest love.    The street kids; women in the rehab clinic; children in the slums; lepers outcasted by society, they all will be changed by an encounter of His love.

Love well Hannah, don't let a moment slip away from you.  Love without limitations.  


This next chapter of life is going to be amazing.  Get ready.

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