May 5, 2014

Morning breath

While I was getting ready for the day, God told me to stop, and spend time with Him right now, first before I did anything else.  Morning breath and all.
Normally, no one wouldn't see me like this unless we were on an intimate level, no makeup on and hair still disheveled and wet from the shower.  Not close to ready, my true nature fully exposed and not ready for the world to see.
Jesus wanted me just the way I was, He wants to be so close and intimate with me that I'm comfortable with my crazy hair, clean face,and puffy morning eyes, completely transparent and vulnerable in His presence.
I don't need to impress Him, he has seen all of me in my true form still accepts me, better yet He wants me to place my real ugly self onto Him.  Allowing Him to carry it while I become redeemed and made anew through His love.

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