May 22, 2014

It's time

This is it, we're at the front of the line! The roller coaster glides into the station and the first car is ours for the taking.
The safety bar comes down. The first big hill is within sight. 
Click click, click click.. click. click…. click…. click……………click. Slowly but surely we make our way up, so steep all you can see is blue sky.
Instantly, my heart starts beating, a gazillion butterflies unleashed within me. I start questioning wither or not this is a wise idea, will this "safety belt" keep me safe.  What if this car goes off the tracks? What's to keep this from crashing and me getting hurt? Nothing. Nothing at all.  That's where the beauty of it all resides. 
We're at the top now, those milliseconds of still before the rush, when you can hear your heartbeat in your eardrums. It's go time. 

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