October 19, 2013


This past week at YWAM, one of our afternoons was spent doing Original Design and my mind was blown!  Original design is when someone prays over you, asking God to reveal to them how He has made this specific person special and unique in His eyes.

I was anxious to see what they got, excited to hear how He views me.  One of the words they got was Daffodil, they weren't sure how this played out specifically for me, I did.

After I was born, I had to be in the NICU due to my lungs not being fully developed.  One morning, while my Mom was getting ready to be with me at the hospital, she saw four daffodils in our garden.  One daffodil for each member of the family including me, to her this was a special promise from God that I was going to pull through this.

Knowing this, I knew daffodils were somehow special, I looked up what they meant, daffodils are among the first flowers to poke through the weary winter, the first bright color against a pallet of brown and grey.  Daffodils are joy and a source of joy to others.

My prayer is this, that I may continue to be a daffodil in my Creator's sight, bringing joy to Him and those around me.

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