May 25, 2012

Donuts at The Park

On this particular warm, Friday morning, it was just Fairygirl and myself at home so I decided we would have some fun! How you ask?

Why with some local bakery donuts at the part of course!  Fairygirl told me while we were getting out of the car, that she was going to have a rainbow donut and that she did! (Sprinkles are what dreams are made of!)

I, on the other hand went with a classic glazed donut, Victor approved! (the little green dino)

Just some sisters enjoying some straight up sugar!

I think our donut eating, park swinging Friday was a hit if I do say so myself!

1 comment:

Liv said...

You two are both ridiculously good looking. I love the fact that you take your sister out on donut dates and that your little dino joins you also :)

Seeing you spend time with Fairygirl makes me smile!

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