April 28, 2012

Adventure in the D

This was where I spent my Saturday morning, The Eastern Market!  I'm proud to also add that we did not get lost on the way down, first time driving into the city for me.  

Hello little city pigeon, you know you're a country girl when you get excited seeing a common city bird.

A cow made of vegetables?  Would seem out of place anywhere else but at the Market.

The meet-up location for the day, "shed 3," sounds a little shady if you ask me.

You know the mushrooms are fresh when there's still dirt on them.

I'll admit, I was creeping on this cutie and his orange slice.  

Next time I go to The Eastern Market, one of these guys are coming home with me!

You surprised me Eastern Market, I greatly under estimated your awesomeness and I will be back.

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