March 2, 2012


Remember when i posted this?  Background story, this summer I offered my time to God.  I was willing to go wherever He led, even if it meant out of the country.  At one point I thought was being called out of the country, instead He had something different in mind.  

After God closing international travel, I wasn't really sure where He wanted to lead me.  I tried to rest in His timing not mine, something so easy to say and so hard to do.  Right when I was starting to second guess myself, SpringHill kept floating into my heart and mind, God had a plan and I responded in faith.  

I will be working at SpringHill Camps this summer!  Starting June 4th through August 18th I will be living, breathing Summer Camp.  I am so glad I didn't impose my wants or my own demands on this summer, instead by allowing God to lead, just that little aspect of this summer has been amazing to see God work, an amazing experience.

This summer will be different, not because of anything I did; but because of what I didn't do, allowed God to work.    

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