February 11, 2012

Turning My ? Into !

So many unanswered questions floating through my head...

How long will this part-time job last?  
Will it continue through the summer?  
What will my summer look like?  
Summer classes?  
9-5 summer job?  
Would I go back to work at my old summer job?  
What if they don't need help?  
Where else could I find a summer job?  
After summer what's next?  
Will I continue at community college?  
Will I transfer?  
If I don't transfer this fall when will I transfer?  
Will I ever transfer?  
How will we be able to finance it?  
Will I be able to finish school without debt?  
Where will I go after college?

   My life is swimming with unknown, I have some basic idea of where things could land, but nothing is pinned down.  It has been helpful knowing what could possibly happen, very helpful considering I need time to process things long before they happen.

   Though this season of my life has been full of uncertainty, God has been teaching me so much through this.  Psalm 119:105 has taken on a whole new meaning.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalm 119:105

   I've always read this verse visualizing a huge mega light, casting light on all revealing everything.  Recently God has been transforming my picture, instead of a mega light, now a torch stands in it's place; a torch casts just enough light to take your next step.  God doesn't promise to make everything crystal clear,  He does promise that by moment by moment He will reveal the next step, whatever it might be.

  Sometimes I would and still do feel over whelmed with all the question marks, I'm learning to find excitement the unknown, viewing them as opportunities to see God work.


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