September 12, 2011

"not me" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


  • I most certainly did not dance in the rain, when a late summer shower rolled through my neck of the woods this afternoon, nope not I.
  • I never would allow Littleman to walk around with a little purple purse just for laughs.  He didn't see anything wrong with it, just something to carry his little trucks in.
  • I did not want to yell in pain at the dental hygienist who was most certainly not brutality trying to chisel away my teeth.
  • I most certainly did not finish all my assigned homework for the day before this afternoon. {happy dance}
  •  I most certainly am not enjoying this book. Seriously every woman needs to read it, that good!

  • And I most certainly do not always rock the pulled back bun (it's called the study power hair)


Kristen said...

Happy Monday!

All My Monkeys said...

You rock that bun. Me, I'm a floppy bun/half pulled out ponytail girl. My daughter calls it the "messily bun." lol

I love your header.

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