September 11, 2011


Our lives would never be the same.
We would come out changed.
September 11th 2001, forever engraved in our hearts and minds,

I was 8 years old, in the back seat riding to dance class
when the day forever changed.
I remember Dad calling my Mom and
telling her something had happened in New York City.
To this day I can still remember hearing the anxiousness
in my Mom's voice.   I could only hear one side
of the conversation, but from what I heard
 I knew it wasn't good.

I remember seeing all the moms
huddled around a little TV in the dance studio, 
pure silence as they watched our world under attack.  
Once we got back home
the Tv was on as soon as we entered the door.
I couldn't really grasp was what happening,
but I knew it was something significant.

Something that would change our nation,
and change our view of September 11th forever.

We have overcome much,
but in order to move forward;
we must look back and remember where we have come.

My thoughts and prayers go out to our nation today
as we remember that fateful day 10 years ago,
when an ordinary day turned into
a day that would mark our nation forever.

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