September 22, 2011

awkward awesome Thursday


-- Forgetting why I went upstairs only to come downstairs and remember, up and down I go.

-- Needing assistance at the self check out, and the store employee is someone I know.  But it's one of those weird things, like you sort of know each other but you've never talked type of thing.  So do I say hi?  Or not say anything???

-- Having someone rev their engine while I'm crossing the road at school.  Thanks for the compliment immature boy who needs to grow up, but now I'm going to take my good old time crossing the road.  Oh community college.

-- Discussing an essay in class that deals with certain human body parts.  Please floor open up and swallow me NOW!


-- Having friends who do licorice mustaches with me!

-- The crisp fall breeze that has me rummaging through my closet for my boots!  (need to clean that thing more often)

-- Having an amazing mom who is willing to try crazy new recipes, thai is on the menu crossed fingers that it's good!

-- Watching Littleman experience new things for the 1st time.  I love seeing the world unfold before his eyes.

-- Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  The icing on the cupcake.

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