August 24, 2011

sunshine paradise

Hello beach, thank you for coming out sunshine you have been missed.

Fairygirl spotted those pink goggles and they never left her face the whole day.  Love that girl silly.

Littleman wasn't quite sure about the water at first.  But as the day continued on his love fascination with water evolved.

A sand castle made for a princess was attempted.

Even after we got back to the cottage, we were still finding sand on this little guy.

Hello great lake, you're always a little on the chilly side.  But it wouldn't be vacation without you.

Wish you could see Littleman's face.  He loves flying high in the sky

The Littleman Sand man, enough said :) 

My view for the afternoon, a good book, content and contained baby, and Fairygirl and Mom's making memories.  

Perfect day at the beach! 

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