January 20, 2014

Durgapur (written on January 19th)

This past week my team and I worked in Durgapur. What a refresh, I could see blue sky once again and breath clean(er) air! 

Yep, it was pretty.
We got to speak at local schools, speak at home churches, visit a feeding program and help lead a weekend retreat for the college youth.
My God box continues to explode, as I see more of India and how He is working in and through the people. Today during worship, we had eight different languages present each singing in their native tongue! Many differences but our biggest common denominator is all we need, Jesus.

Right now we are traveling the three hours back to Kolkata, (I'm writing this on my phone and will post it tomorrow once we have wifi.) 

We have only roughly ten days left in Kolkata before we head to Madurai. Please pray that we are able to accomplish what He has planned for the remainder of our time in Kolkata. 

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