November 5, 2012

A Good Monday (Imagine That)

Today has been great, so great I keep asking myself can this really be Monday?!

As of 7:05 today, I am officially registered for next semester's classes!  Seems a little strange I know, but everything is done a little differently at Community College like having the site freeze while I'm trying to register, my heart did start to panic and I was reminded again of how happy I'll be when Community College is just a distant memory.  

Never the less, these last five classes are going to be amazing for three reasons; 1) no math or science classes, 2) major specific classes AND fun electives, {hallelujah} 3) I'll be finished with my Associates and ready to move up in the College world!

My day got even better when I came home and had a orange package awaiting me, orange means Shutterfly!!  Can't wait to swap out some hold pictures for some new ones!

Yeah, so there's my above average Monday (aside from classes and homework, you know the boring stuff.)

Hope your Monday treated you well!

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