October 7, 2012

The Girls

  The girls journey with my family has ended, they were with us for almost four days, roughly ninety-six hours (yes i can do math.)  We had them for less then a week, and when they left a lump still formed in my throat and my heart started aching.

  I love and hate foster care all at the same time.  I love how my world has become bigger, how I've learned to live and love openly.  Because of foster care I now have a deep passion for the inner city, I am who I am today largely because of our involvement in foster care.
  At the end of the day though I know the placement won't last forever, in the end I know the goodbyes must be said, that's when I hate foster care.  I hate saying goodbye, I hate closing that chapter, I hate knowing I won't get to see them grow and explore more of life.  When my family started foster care we knew goodbyes would be coming, our mission was to provide a safe and loving environment for the here and now.  But It still hurts none the less when they leave.

  Even after all that, the love still outweighs the heartbreak.  Foster care isn't easy, but like so many things, the best in life isn't always the easiest.  I wouldn't trade being a foster sister for anything, fully giving myself to another, expecting nothing in return and experiencing a new, richer of love as a result.     

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