October 11, 2012

Awkward Awesome Thursday

  • Today my afternoon class got cancelled!!  So instead of leaving school at four I got to leave at eleven, sounds pretty nice if you ask me.  Highlight would have to be eating lunch at home instead of eating my smushed peanut butter and honey.

  • Today is 10-11-12, ten, eleven, twelve! (get it?)  Makes me feel like a nerd but these type of things get me excited.

  • This video doesn't really need any explanation as to why it's awesome does it?!

  • I got to have my weekly Panera date today, we missed it last week and while we were driving we talked about how fun these Thursday nights have become!

  • My math homework (due on Monday) is already finished for the week!  No frantic pulling of hair on Sunday night for me! 

  • Having the guy at the gas station comment on my promise ring, here's how the conversation went down:
"You married?"
"...Sure..." (Questioning look on my face)
"Oh....  just never noticed it before."

I don't know where to start, the fact that he remembers me from before?  The fact that he's a slim ball in his mid twenties?  The fact that I would rather he think I was taken then have him continue to be a creep?  The fact that I was just getting milk for my MOTHER?  Or the fact that he had to comment on my ring?  I don't know, but I do know that all my future gasoline will be purchased from Kroger. 

  • Seeing someone you know in the hallway and say hi, but then remember you haven't seen them in at least three years and they obviously don't remember you based off the expression on their face.  Yep, keep on walking, keep on smiling and try to laugh it off. 

  • Realizing I'm old enough to be a chaperone for a high school retreat, since when did that happen?! Wasn't I like just in high school?  I only graduated last year.... oh.... yeah I've been out of high school for almost two years... (crickets)

Welp, that's what my week has contained so far, some awesomeness and plenty of awkward.  But who we kidding, awkwardness always finds me.

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