September 30, 2012

Weekends And Trains

Sometimes I view this season of my life like a fast moving train, while I'm on the train I don't notice how fast and hectic everything is.  I only notice how crazy it was once I step off the train and realize just how fast everything was running.  

Weekends are when I get to step off my train, Thursday evening I get out my ticket stub to show my stop.  Friday and Saturday I enjoy the slower pace and start to breath normally again, then Sunday comes and my heart starts to pick up.  The train is back and a new ticket has been issued, but I'm not ready to jump back into the craziness. 

This past week I decided I wanted to fully enjoy the weekend, so I finished all my extra homework before the weekend embarked!

On Saturday I decided it was time to bust out the scarves and sweaters, forgot how much I like wearing those two together.  I also learned a valuable lesson, when using a film camera always remember to check the film before leaving the house.  We journeyed down to our favorite park, I brought my camera along only to discover I didn't have enough film left...  Now I will check, always.   

Last night was the last Dr. Who episode with Amelia Pond (his companion).  Soccergirl and I went all out, we made puppy chow and poured Arnold Palmer to help celebrate the last Dr. Who episode till Christmas.  Probably my favorite episode of the whole season, and also the saddest, not going to try and pretend, I did cry and okay with that.

Tomorrow my train will be awaiting me, and I think I'll be ready to get back on board.

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