March 22, 2012

"May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor"

Today is the DAY!!!

Soccergirl and I have been counting down the days since November!  The story goes, I promised as her birthday present, that I would read the whole trilogy and go to the midnight premiere together.  

Little did I know just how much I'd like the books.  I read them for the first time over winter break and I loved them!  Right after I finished the first book I started drooling over the movie trailers, I was hooked.  

I literally just watched the trailer again and my hands are red from clapping so hard (I clap when I'm excited/happy)  

In just a few hours I'll be enjoying some popcorn with sour patch kids (we all know it's the best combination known to man) with my Sis watching THE HUNGER GAMES!


Melissa said...

have fun! i cant wait! i have tickets for sunday!!

Rachel Hope said...

@Hannah So what did you think about it? I loved it though i was wishing they could have done it a little more like the book :/ Mostly the part it the chariots, the avox girl, and the end where katniss tells peeta that she didn't really love him at the train stop. But still a very epic movie! Can't wait to buy it in august!

Hannah Kay said...

Hey Rachel,

I attend the mind-night premiere there was a lot of hype sitting in the movie theater for three hours waiting for the movie to start. I liked the movie, but I felt it was greatly lacking some elements of the book. They didn't really play up the violence like I thought they were going to do and they didn't develop Katniss and Peeta's relationship! I understand they couldn't take everything from the movie and transfer it to film but I would have liked to see more overlap.

I've seen it twice now in theaters and have enjoyed, I'm interested to see how the other books adapt to screen. Overall I thought it was a good movie, but for me the book was a thousand times better!

Rachel Hope said...

Yeah thats how I felt, they seemed to leave out a lot of things that were important, like in the book Cinna is the one who tells them to hold hands in the Chariots, and on the movie they made Peeta reach over and grab her hand which annoys her, where as in the books she says she feels more stable once he holds her hand, as well as the fact as leaving Madge out, which didn't make sense for the fact that she is in Catching Fire. I was happy with the part with Rue after she dies and it shows her district.

Yes the book was by far much better.

Hannah Kay said...

I did like the fact that they showed what happened back at the Capital while The Hunger Games were happening. I too was happy with how everything happened with Rue and her district!

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