January 7, 2012

Project 31: Style

----- post a picture of you in your favorite outfit -----

jeans: levi, shirt: old navy, floppy hat: forever 21, shoes: Toms
Are these picture ever not awkward?!

Ever have that frantic moment where you have to leave in five minutes and you haphazardly through together an outfit not really looking at what you're putting on, only realizing later you really like the combination?  Well that's how this outfit was born, love the hipster element thrown in.

My trusty Toms

I bought my first pair of Toms in October, I don't think I've got a day without wearing them.  Love them!

a collections of some of my many necklaces

love these 'leafy' earrings.  Forever 21 people!

Shout out to the Little Sis for being behind the camera!

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