December 30, 2011

2011, looking back

2011 had many moments:
moments of joy, accomplishment, hardship, friendship, loneliness and self-doubt.  By themselves these specific moments aren't significant, but combined they stretched me more then I ever imagined.  My self confidence has greatly changed, my comfortability around people has increased, and a willingness to try new things has come out of no where!

   They seemed like unexpected changes to me, but not to God.  He knew what he was doing all along, the nights when all I could do was write, because nothing else was working.  He knew.  Those agonizing days of class.  He knew.  Unexpected friendships. He knew.  In the Word with an unique group of women.  He knew.  Reoccurring heart ache. He knew.

  None of this was unexpected to Him, when others didn't know or weren't informed, He was.  Never leaving me through the hard moments.  At times I've questioned what His plan is, but I've realized it's something I don't need to know, because He's got it all figured out.

I hold strong to the truth that He knows better then I as 2012 begins.

Here's to you 2011. 

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