September 7, 2011

fall style

I have to confess, now that school has officially started.  I'm ready for fall.  Ready for red leaves on trees, ready for the crunch they make under my feet.  Ready for trips to the cider mill with hot cider in hand.


I'm not a coffee, or tea drinker.  But hot apple cider, now that's for me.

I just ordered a bunch of new books (not school books) which makes it even better, can't wait for them to come in the mail!


Love this outfit, really want to buy some Toms this fall.  Only time will tell.


Either I'm going to knit some leg warmers, you know since I can knit now (yeah), or buy them.

Just another reason why Old Navy is my staple store.

A girl can dream....

1 comment:

Nicole Jeannette said...

Ugh great post! I love autumn!

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