August 24, 2011

"No time to pretend we're asleep"

The lovely sunset on our last full day.  It was a beautiful day full of sunshine, the jet ski, and plenty of sunscreen.

The next morning, (the day of our entrance back into life) came with a bang.  To protect the innocent I won't name names, our paddle boat had drifted away into the reeds and had gotten stuck.  It was Soccergirl and my job to retrieve the stranded paddle boat, seems easy right?

Well not quite, all our other boats had been put away the night before, so the hard core girls that we are righted the row boat and rowed out into the reeds.  To make the story short, we retrieved the paddle boat all the while still in our pajamas.

We weren't laughing then but now we can.  The now famous line from the morning "------ this is not the time to pretend  we're asleep"  my words to Soccergirl after hearing what or morning would entail.  Quite an interesting way to finish our vacation if you ask me.

See you next year cottage, with new adventures waiting to unfold.

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