July 13, 2011

9 pm

(big deep breath ahhhhh.........) now I feel better.  I've been so tired, blogging really hasn't been on my mind recently.  Yesterday I woke up at 6 for work and got home from school in the evening at 10.  I made a promise to myself this morning as I groggily made lunch for the day, that I'd be in bed by 9 tonight.  I plan to follow through :)

On a different note I've noticed myself slipping into a mind set of complaining, but I'm trying to keep a thankful attitude.  Thankful for my current job that pays well, thankful for a supportive family, thankful for a car to drive, and thankful to attend school.  Even after I think of all these things and more, the little things I'm so ready to complain about don't seem so major as before.

Well off to lovely sleep and a thankful heart in progress!

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