February 19, 2011


Hiding behind the mask that culture and society tells us who we are.  Fake, plastic and painstakingly beautiful.

But God has something different in store for us.  Real, raw, unique beauty.  It doesn't come from your smile or your perfect teeth.  It comes from inside the depths of your heart and shines out.

Everyone has a mask they wear, lying to the world that their life is perfect.  They're wrong. No one's life is perfect we all have hit bumps in the road. Sometimes they seem impossible to over come. 

Once we realise we're all fallen and take off our masks and reveal who we really are.  We can start engaging in a deeper relationship with God and a real relationship with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Are you hiding?

1 comment:

Liv said...

This post is so cool. That cutie pie is adorable and has great artwork. I think this my favorite post...I've been thinking about masks and "perfect lives" a lot lately.

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