July 5, 2015

Ninety Days

My closet has held many important things over our time together.  Dress up clothes, from when my sister and I would escape this ordinary world and venture back to the 1700s, complete with shawls and homemade old fashioned skirts.  Lovely peasant tops during sixth grade, I still don't know why I thought they were cool.  My red swing dance dress from high school, when the "cool" homeschoolers would go out every month to learn new dance moves.

On Friday my closet gets to hold something very special and very different then anything else before. Something I have dreamed about since before the time of old-fashioned dress up, my wedding dress.  It still amazes me that in less then ninety days I will be wearing that dress.  My nine year old self would be ecstatic, I won't lie though, the twenty-two year old me is pretty ecstatic too.

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