March 2, 2014


Waiting for my flight home, and my thoughts start drifting to all the many things that have happened in this airport.

So many moments are tied up in this place: 

• First time landing anxious for this thing called YWAM and looking for my ride to the base (little did I know the driver, Joshua, would later become my outreach leader).

• Waiting for my flight home for Christmas, excited to see everyone and eager for the simple things of home. 

• Arriving back ten days later, India a mere two days away! Excited to see again the people I had grown so close to during our past twelve weeks together.

• Then comes the exciting part, flying out for India, I remember barely holding it together as I made the last few calls to family and friends. I had no idea what the coming eight weeks in India would hold.

• Now, I sit on the flip side, with a one way ticket home, back to the place where this all started. 

These past five months have been beautiful, raw, challenging and refreshing.  God has redefined my heart, and has pulled me into a deeper relationship with Him. New steps have been taken in my walk with God and in my walk in life. I've learned and have seen things I never want to forget.
I want to continue taking new steps forward, I don't want to stumble backwards. Rather, I want to fall forward, falling even deeper into Jesus and His arms.

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