November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Here I am, in Florida and Thanksgiving is tomorrow, my heart is so content and happy! Not something I was feeling just a few mere hours ago, when the concept of spending Thanksgiving away from the people I love made my heart hurt.

I was missing everything, my sisters' laughter, Mom's warm hug, hearing Dad using my nickname. Thanksgiving to me is ALL about my family, and well not being with them just didn't feel right. 

Right now I am surrounded by my YWAM family, watching a Christmas movie while others are cookin up some Thanksgiving fixings in a home that a DTS couple are watching for the week. A little slice of home in Florida, I'm in a freaking house and not a dorm! Not something I've been able to say for the past two months, seems minor but it add to the holiday spirit for sure.

On the Eve of this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for family, my new YWAM family and my family from home. This Thanksgiving IS going to be different, but it is going to be good.

And yes, each and everyone of us have "demon eyes" the joys of a flash.

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