March 15, 2013

Where to Start...

So much for keeping up with writing (head hung in shame)  life gets busy and sometimes things get put on the back burner.  Where to start, guess I'll go back to the beginning of the year.

Christmas came and went.

I finally had saved up enough money for my iPhone 5!  Helllloooo Instagram, you can follow me here.

I left on a road trip to Georgia on new year's eve, and we stopped in Nashville for a midnight toast!  Our final destination was the Georgia dome for the 2013 Passion Conference , it was amazing.  Over sixty thousand college student gathered under one roof praising Jesus, there were amazing speakers, Francis Chan, Beth Moore just to name a few.  Great memories with new friends!

In mid January the family expanded by four paws, welcome Bear the Rottweiler!  It has been fun having a dog in the house again and I might even be a dog person?  (gasp)

I started my last semester for my Associates!!!  The best semester of collage so far, loving all my classes and professors.  I even have a black and white film photography class, I am in heaven.

Yep, think I'm pretty much caught up!  

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