September 6, 2012

Rambling (Read if You Dare)

~ ~ ~ Did you know that there is proof that unicorns are real?  In one of the earliest painting known to man, Hall of Bulls, there appears to be a unicorn in the cave painting.  See for yourself if you don't believe me, look where the hand is pointing.
In all seriousness, I really don't think that a unicorn is actually in the Hall of Bulls, but you can never know for sure!

~ ~ ~ I thought Art Appreciation would be fun, I mean who doesn't love art?!!  But oh no.. this sucker ain't gonna be easy breezy at all, four exams each with twenty-five prices of art that have to be memorized along with one short paper (only 750 words) and a research paper (2,000 word minimum!)  Guess I'd better start studying, like now, like right this second, or like five minutes ago.

~ ~ ~ While I was trying not to pass out from the busyness called Thursday I happened to look out the window and the yard was full of beautiful golden light, so what did this girl do?  Why she grabbed her camera and jumped outside!  Sometimes you need those little spontaneous moments to keep life interesting.
Had to throw a selfie in there too.

~ ~ ~ Today when I came home I had some packages awaiting me!  I'm such a little kid when it comes to snail mail, I LOVE getting anything in the mail, but when it's a package, and more then one package!  It only takes me about two seconds before I'm ripping it open.  Today I got some reading books and some school books, nice balance of both I must say.

~ ~ ~ My weekend is here!  Tomorrow all I have is yoga, yes I have a class solely devoted to practicing yoga, favorite class ever.  Considering yoga and homework are the only things on the agenda, the weekend is here!

Hope ya'll enjoy your Friday, cause after Friday the weekend is here!  (Well I guess you already knew that considering you learned the days of the week back in kindergarden.)

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My Froley said...

If unicorns really existed it would make me so happy lol. I love a bit of magic. When ever someone has asked me in the past which animal I would be I always choose a unicorn ! I'm slightly jealous of your packet receiving and yoga, I reeaally want to start an exercise class. Now that I've found a regular babysitter it might be a good time !

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