April 2, 2012

Haitian Adventure: Part 1

A full year has passed since my feet were on Haiti soil, and I still don't know what to make of those seven days.  Even now after a full year, I'm still learning new things, amazing how God can work. {You can read more about my pre-departure thoughts here}  

I experienced so many conflicting emotions, my breath got taken back by the beautiful mountains, and my heart broke seeing the circumstances these people were living in.  Once second I was in awe with such beauty and the next second I was asking God why these people had to live in such poverty.

The earthquake happened a year earlier, and still 1.5 million people where still living in tents (as of last April).  It wasn't temporary anymore, for many families this was becoming their permanent reality.  Looking down into the valley, everything was white, white because of all the tents where thousands of people were living in spaces smaller than my own bathroom!

Throughout the trip I started to become numb, numb to the poverty, numb to the squelching heat, numb to everything around me.  I didn't know how to relate to these people who were living in such deep poverty, the homeless in The United States would be considered rich through their eyes.

Here I was, white little city girl, able to sleep comfortably in my bed every night, had access to clean water 24/7 and a refrigerator full of whatever I desired.  I came from a world over flowing in surplus and they came from a world lacking the necessities of life.   

*all pictures taken collectively from our team.

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