January 11, 2012

Project 31: Seek to Find

----- jaded beauty, has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you? -----

Beauty by the world's standards is aquatinted with outward appearance.  There is a constant pressure to look your best, to the extent of losing yourself, becoming artificial, achieving artificially beautiful.

If everyone is striving for this 'beauty' is it real beauty?
We cover ourselves in paint hoping to find beauty, what we need to do is start unpeeling all the layers of artificial to find the true beauty.

Although culture tells us beauty is all about looks, it's not.  Beauty is sun kissed checks.  Eyes dancing with happiness.  Laughing so hard, you start crying.  Beauty is unique imperfection.  Beauty is authentic.  Everyone doesn't posses the same type of beauty, but still beauty none the less. 


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