January 14, 2012

Project 31: Masterpiece

----- encourage another beautiful woman -----

Please don't cover up the masterpiece God created.
There is no one like you,
don't be afraid to showcase what God created.
He did one heck of a job!



Grazia Nazione said...

Hey Hannah,
I'm a fellow blogger with a passion to serve God with the gifts he has granted me. Writing is my ability, not photography! So to fill this gap of talent in my life I like to feature other bloggers photography on my blog :D
As I've been following your posts and viewing your spectacular photos I would love to feature your photos on my blog! (I especially love your photo "your beautiful without all these things!"
My contact e-mail is foreverhisalone@yahoo.com
Have an awesome day!

Grazia Nazione said...

foreverhisalone@yahoo.ca (New e-mail address; not quite second nature to type it in yet, sorry about that!)

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