January 5, 2012

Kisses from Katie book review

"We aren't really called to save the world, nor even to save one person, Jesus does that.  We are just called to love with abandon.  We are called to enter into our neighbor's suffering and love them right there." -- Kisses from Katie

   When Kisses from Katie came out this fall I was beyond excited, I was elated, I wanted nothing more then to get my hands on that book!  But being a college student, and a poor one at that, I knew I probably wouldn't get my hands on a copy till Christmas, and I was right!

   I finished this book within 24 hours, I loved it.  I was glued to the book, I cried and laughed all within the first few pages.  It's easy to place people on pedestals, but Katie makes it perfectly clear.  She's not any different then us, she has just responded to God's Word.

   Her love for Christ is inspiring, she left everything and traveled to a country where she only knew one person.  A year long commitment turned into a lifetime adventure.  She carries courage that I can only dream about.
   I knew before I started reading that this book was going to make me want to drop everything and move to Africa.  I was right...  Don't really know when it will happen, but God has been laying Africa on my heart again and again recently that I know it will happen all in His perfect timing.  I'm really excited at the hope of traveling to Uganda and being in Africa again, but all the current unknowns are a little intimidating right now I'm just trying to respond in faith.

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