October 17, 2011


what is true beauty?
Does it come from layers upon layer of makeup?
Does it come from guys liking you?
Where does it come from?

No matter how beautiful you look on the outside
you can be ugly inside.
No one can tell until they start to truly know you.
Before you know it, the person you've tried
so hard to please, moves on
cause they have seen the true you.

You don't understand
your makeup is flawless,
every single strand of hair is in place.
You are beautiful, so you think.

But people see the way you treat people.
The way you poke fun at others,
the way you parade yourself around like something special
They see what is inside;

you try to hide it, but you can't.

If you spent as much time as you spend perfecting yourself
as you did within the Word, learning
the ways of the Creator.
Maybe, just maybe then you would be

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