September 25, 2011

Fall fashion week: day 2

This is what happens when I let time slip away from me, I end up posting bad quality pictures at night.  Yikes, I'm promising myself that I will not let this happen again, at least this week!

Today was a plaid shirt, converse and messy bun type of day.  I like those type of days the best!

 Littleman wanted in on the photography too.


Yeah he's pretty cute, he's finally able to say key my name.  Well it's more like "Heene"  but it works for me!


E said...

Those pajamas your little dude is wearing...precious! And I love your plaid shirt.

Lea said...

Your baby is adorable and has the most beautiful eyes!! SO CUTE! I love your green converse!

Liv said...

Littleman's outfit beats yours by a longshot this time. ;) Sorry...he's just SO CUTE!

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