August 28, 2011

wreck this journal: take 2

It's that time again, another wreck this journal is here!  I closed my eyes and opened it up.

Seems pretty simple right?  That's what I thought, at first.

Workin hard on coloring inside outside of the lines.

Quite happy with the outcome.  I learned I'm a color inside of the lines type of girl :)


Watched Dr. Who this afternoon!!!!  So super excited to see next weeks episode, love BBC.  The best season by far in my opinion.  

My fist class starts on Friday AHHH.  Still have to buy some school supplies.  Not gonna lie, I love the smell of new pencils, and the feel of fresh erasers on the paper.    

1 comment:

Liv said...

your bedroom is really cute! I love the colors

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