June 9, 2011

awkward awesome thursday


--- having someone accuse me of being afraid of men because I was homeschooled and don't have a boyfriend.  Yes I don't have a boyfriend and I'm okay with that.  But that doesn't mean I don't talk to guys.  Thank you for thinking so very stereo typical of homeschoolers. 

--- realizing that it feels really hot and muggy inside, checking the thermostat and it says 86.  Oh.. that's right the AC isn't working.

--- getting a 2,000 piece puzzle and getting stuck on the edges.  The edges!!!  We didn't even get to the really hard part.  Who's idea was this anyways?? Oh, yeah mine....

--- buying time of the month products (girls you know what I mean) and having a guy ring me up.  I avoid eye contact at all cost.


--- going to roller coaster heaven in FOUR DAYS!!  Just alittle excited :)

--- hearing my Grandma talk about when she was younger and seeing how God provided and still is providing for her every single day.

--- Gordon food service, a large food distributor in my local area.  Who helped us save alot of money for my open house, which is next Saturday ahhh...

--- doing a 2,000 piece puzzle with my Grandma, and even though it's crazy challenging, we're able to laugh our way through it

--- getting one call and everything changes, new dynamics, new little face to love on.  (More on that later)

Inspiration for post found on Sydney's lovely blog.


DaisyJo said...

Bleh I used to get comments like that when I was in HS (homeschooled "all my life). Honesty I still hear that from time to time. People are silly.
And about buying things for that-time-of-the-month I will WAIT an extra 10 minutes, just to be a female cashier's line!! hehe

Liv said...

AHH!! This post made me laugh :) and made me realize that we NEED to TALK! Soonish!

Heather said...

I have friends that were homeschooled and face the same dilema's... UGH! So annoying, I mean I have met people that were not 100% sociable that were homeschooled but it wasn't because of being homeschooled it was the parents fault for not making sure they had LOTS of interaction with other kids their age via church or something of the sort. HELLO! :)

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