January 22, 2011

What does beauty mean to me.

Beauty.  Something every girl longs to look and feel.  We try to measure up to the world's standards of artificial beauty but really we have it all wrong.  We look at the outside, but really we should be looking at the heart. 
from flickr.com

To me, beauty is what is in the inside.  The character of someone is their true beauty.  The way they treat people when no one is looking.  The way they go that extra measure to serve someone.  Or the note of encouragement they drop to someone in need.  These are the characteristics of true beauty.  It comes from within and resonates out.  True beauty.

1 comment:

Steph said...

That's so true - especially the part about resonating from the inside out! So glad you're doing the Project :)

Love, Steph

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