December 15, 2010

The Real Meaning Behind CHRISTmas

this has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, but I thought it was pretty

Tonight I was amazed with where God has moved and placed me.  If you had told me that this Christmas I would be helping out with a Christmas program with my local Salvation Army.  I would have told you that was impossible, but that was what I was tonight.  I left feeling like I was right where God had called me in that moment.  I felt full.  Right in the middle of God's hand.

At that moment it struck me, THAT'S what Christmas is really about, serving others to show them Him.  Not about presents, or all the delicious food (although it is very good)  there is so much more to this season.  Find it and you'll know this is where you were meant to be all along.  It's the best place to be in the WHOLE world.

Find a way to place others above yourself this season and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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