October 12, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Tinker Bell

Tonight I made grilled cheese sandwichs and bean soup for dinner. 
  My youngest sister, we shall call her fairygirl, was helping me.  Sometimes I wish I didn't get the responsibility of  making dinner when soccergirl has practice.  But tonight it hit me, fairygirl and I probably won't have too many of these precious moments left. 
  This is my last year of high school and soon I'll be in college, with homework, papers and deadlines constantly on my mind.  All the while little fairygirl will keep growing up, she'll discover Barbies and tea parties among other sweet things.  I don't want to miss that precious time when fairygirl is learning about the world around her and all that it can offer her.  I want to be prevalent person in her life.
So this evening I'll cherish every little moment that I can get with fairygirl and our conversations about Tinker Bell and the blue bear who lives outside our house.
I choose to cherish and love.

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